Managed Services

At Ping Networks, we offer comprehensive IT solutions designed to optimize your business operations and protect your digital assets. Our proactive approach focuses on maintaining the health and performance of your IT systems through daily checks, network monitoring, and regular software updates. We provide a seamless blend of remote and onsite support, ensuring prompt resolution of all IT issues. 

Our robust cybersecurity solutions, including endpoint protection, email filtering, and security awareness training, safeguard your business from evolving threats. We manage your network infrastructure, maintain reliable internet connectivity, and oversee hardware and software lifecycles. With our enterprise-grade data protection and disaster recovery solutions, your critical data remains secure and recoverable. 

Our expertise extends to managing communication systems, including VoIP and email, as well as providing end-to-end user management in Office 365 and GSuite. Through systematic IT asset management and AI-driven automation, we help you optimize investments, enhance efficiency, and drive productivity. Partner with Ping Networks for a comprehensive, proactive, and future-ready IT strategy that empowers your business to thrive in the digital landscape.

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Proactive IT

  • Daily Proactive System Health Checks
  • Comprehensive Network Monitoring
  • Routine Software Updates and Patches

Focusing on maintaining IT system health with daily checks, network monitoring, and regular updates to preempt issues and optimize system performance.

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Remote/Onsite IT Support


  • Remote IT Support
  • Help Desk Support Services
  • Scheduled Onsite IT Visits

Provide comprehensive support through a blend of remote and onsite services, ensuring prompt troubleshooting and resolution of all IT issues, whether hardware or software related.

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Cyber Security Solutions

  • Fully Managed Endpoint Protection
  • Cybersecurity Training and Awareness
  • Email and Spam Filtering

Protect your business from cyber threats with industry-leading anti-virus and ransomware protection. Enhance your team’s security awareness with regular training sessions aimed at equipping them with knowledge and practices to recognize and prevent potential security breaches.

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Network Management

  • Internet Connectivity Support
  • IT Infrastructure Assessment

Maintain reliable internet connections and manage overall IT infrastructure to ensure it meets current operational demands and scales with future growth.

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System Oversight

  • Hardware Installation and Maintenance
  • Routine Software Updates and Patches

Manage all aspects of hardware lifecycle from installation to maintenance, coupled with regular software updates to ensure seamless operation and security.

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Data Protection

  • Enterprise-grade Backup and Recovery Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Solutions

Secure critical data with robust backup systems and implement strategic disaster recovery plans to ensure quick recovery and continuity in the event of data loss or other disasters.

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Communication Systems Management

  • VoIP Telephony Management
  • Email Management and Support
  • Office 365/GSuite specialists

Manage and support VoIP and email communications systems to ensure reliable and efficient internal and external communications. End to end user management in Office 365 and GSuite for your business. 

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IT Asset and Inventory Management

  • IT Asset Management and Inventory
  • Reporting on legacy assets within your environment due for upgrade

Implement systematic tracking and management of IT assets to optimise investment and ensure compliance with software licenses and regulations.

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AI Automation Integrations

  • Process Automation using AI
  • Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Implement AI-driven automation to transform business processes, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual workload. Our AI solutions leverage machine learning models and data analytics to provide insights, automate complex processes, and make predictive recommendations, thereby improving productivity and operational accuracy.